The Story

A breif history of @kingsidharth


My entrepreneurial journey started with an events management company. Local school-kids were our customers, we organized activities & workshops. I was 12 at the time.

Later, at the age of 16, I'd revive the idea — organizing summer camps and 1-day workshops at local schools. We focused on teaching students vocational skills like—film making, public speaking, blogging, etc.

In senior school, I started an online magazine (theFriendz) focused on teens, which had 10,000 monthly active readers at its peak. Some side blogs on topics like Meditation, Films, etc.


I dropped out of college and worked with startups like Cleartax, L-pad (a startup incubator), etc. helping them with UX, design, and product.

Worked on my startups like WebMutiny (UX design agency), ReadJitsu (selected for StartupChile), Besperk (hosted online forum), etc.


In 2012, I joined the Instamojo founding team to take care of UX & Design.